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Energy Audit
Energy Audit is regarded as an effective tool for energy management. It supports the building management to understand the energy consumption characteristics of their building and evaluate the energy performance of their buildings and major energy consuming systems in order to identify any energy saving opportunities. BeeXergy is able to provide energy audit services in different degrees of details and support Clients to fulfill statutory requirements. The flow chart below presents the key steps of energy audit.
Data Collection
Firstly, series of data or documents will be collected, such as General Building Plans, system schematic diagrams, O&M manuals, operation logs, etc...
Energy Management Opportunities
Energy saving opportunities will be identified in the energy audit with both technical and financial justifications.

Data Analysis
The collected data will be analyzed. Energy consumption breakdown of different energy consuming systems will be presented. In addition, key performance indicators will also be applied which would serve as references for periodic review as part of the energy management.
Site Survey
The key objective of the site survey is to acquire actual equipment information and operation characteristics. When data or information is not sufficient to support the onward studies, site measurements may be conducted to understand the equipment operation data.