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Welcome to Our Family – a shared Earth, Planet and Environment!
In the past year, we took several significant steps forward. We not only moved to a new office adopting integrative and pragmatic sustainable solutions towards the BEAM Interior certification and other Green Office Awards, but also completed more than 200 energy/carbon audit projects, established in-house CFD modeling technique, developed the pilot Energy Management Platform, as well as began our diversification into more eco-friendly solutions to our customers. In promoting Sustainability Business, we worked with social enterprises, environmental experts and academic professionals to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. We believe these initiatives are taking us to the right direction of sustainability as we could demonstrate BeeXergy's responsibilities as an evolving group in the region. We also continued to strengthen our capability in data analysis, computational modeling technique and integrative energy management – you will be able to find out more about our achievements and challenges in this Web.

The global financial events occurred in the past year have made us reposition our vision to long term sustainability. At BeeXergy, we believe that the only possible route to long term success is to rely on the existence of the corporate responsibility and the robust governance. We will therefore continue our journey in this direction and your valuable suggestions and support are always appreciated.