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BeeXergy Consulting Limited (hereafter namely BeeXergy) is founded in 2011. BeeXergy motivates the notion of "Motivate a New Culture of Sustainability Quality" and continues to bridge the gap between research and real application as well as to integrate the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Engineering Sciences.
BeeXergy provides quality services on four main aspects:
1) green building and sustainability assessments including BEAM and LEED Certification;
2) numerical modelling and computational simulations;
3) energy management and energy audit;
4) special analysis on Indoor Environmental Quality and Built Environments (such as mould inspection and odour investigation).
With our extensive research knowledge and experiences, BeeXergy have been providing wide ranges of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and system modelling, such as energy modelling, daylighting and light pollution simulation, natural wind modeling and numerical simulations for assessing pollutant dispersion and thermal comfort design etc. In particular, our expertise has been helping the designers and engineers in the following areas to deliver innovative and sustainable design that reinvent the built environment :
  • Air Ventilation Assessment and Microclimate studies
  • Natural Ventilation Assessment and Airflow analysis in Residential Buildings and Naturally Ventilated Premises
  • Heat Stack Effect on Performance of Air Cooled Condensers at the Re-Entrants in Residential High-Rise Buildings
  • Pollutant Dispersion Analysis and Carpark Ventilation System Design
  • Hybrid Ventilation Design in Commercial Buildings and Public Transportation Interchange
  • Cooling Tower Plume Appearance Analysis and Remediation Studies
  • Effective Thermal Comfort Controls for Operating Under-Floor Supply Units
  • Displacement Ventilation System Design in Data Centre, Gallery, Auditorium and Commercial Offices
  • Energy Modeling to HVAC Water-side Energy Flow Analysis
  • System Virtual Commissioning of Building System Performances
BeeXergy innovates the traditional concept of energy assessment by adopting a strategical 4-steps energy recovery and management protocol:
(1) Budgeting:
A module for compiling energy consumption including utility tariffs mapping into zone or cell based structure for identifying the energy flow, in order to provide an automatic and organized energy account books which renders a 'genuine' energy audit possible. It invokes a validation of verification process for deriving energy budget by the 'calibrated' energy simulation.

(2) Accounting:
A module for generating the energy budget by combining energy consumption simulation and calibrations of the equivalent values of building / system / equipment parameters. The budget will be closer to actual as more operational data are available.

(3) Auditing:
A module for justifying the energy consumption for the building in use and surveying the flow of energy consumption in meeting the building loading. It allows a real energy auditing of energy budget as such to investigate the abnormal use of energy and energy saving opportunities.

(4) Mining:
A sophisticated module for calculating the energy saving opportunities by realizing the owner performance requirements, basis of design, space-system-equipment performance indicators, criteria of client's satisfaction of the indoor environmental quality, integration of the environmental conditions and building operating condition.

BeeXergy is also a Web development house with a team of information/database engineers, system analysts and web developers.
BeeXergy focuses on:
developing central data warehouse for integrated building information (including drawings, operation and maintenance documents, photos, complaint logs and failure records etc) and data (including building management system data, commissioning data and survey records) management; this is the fundamental step to organize valuable information into proper formats for true sustainable building operation;

developing a simple intuitive web-based documentation platform for centralized building documentation management which allows operation and maintenance (O&M) engineers and facility management (FM) practitioners to improve their operation and maintenance efficiency through easy and quick browsing/searching documents as well as updating information. More importantly, it can save lots of papers for printing out the O&M manuals and drawings;

designing and producing a user-friendly dynamic energy management platform for centralized energy, system and equipment operational data browsing and key performance reviewing as well as energy consumption profile and building operational pattern reporting;
integrating documentation and energy management platform into an interactive web platform for assisting comprehensive analysis to identify abnormal or waste energy uses which are the basis of energy knowledge mining over the course of the entire building life process, and

establishing an Energy Centre to manage operational energy performance and benchmarking the building/system performance indices in corporate scale.
BeeXergy Consulting Limited works closely with the professionals in industries, Professors and researchers to innovate the high-quality solutions and to produce easy-to-use tools for sustainable building management.